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This is a work-in-progress database.

The focus of this collection is on published books created by children. These books are a significant primary source material that can help researchers to understand the history of children, a history that is often overlooked. The books that are featured here can be used as a starting point, to examine the circulation of children's voices and how children's cultural expression is shared and valued. There is a particular interest in considering books by children from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds. From examining these sources, reading these children's stories and their artwork we can try to look at many things, including histories of cultural heritage, migration and forced movement, family and daily life from the perspective of children and young people.

The publicly available version of the database focuses on books published by Kids' Own Publishing.

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Dijan stori im bla bets langa Beswick en Waterfall. Det mob biginini bin kilim det mob bets. Sambala bets dei blakwan en brounwan en dey trabul roun…

When dinosaurs go to school, what do they need to know? [back cover]

One of four books from the 'In Transit - Starting School' series.

"This book is based on puppetry performance devised by the participants and children as part of the project "finding a voice" culminating in a…