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Listen, listen ... here comes the bus
Come on the bus to meet the kids from Nowa Nowa kinder and all their friends - Borun the pelican, the Rainbow Serpent, Kowern the echidna, and Narkahungdha, the sea (From Trove).

Dala Yooro Boorai. Our families coming together.
The kids from Dala Yooro and Boorai went walking through their community - what did they see? (from Trove)

Batja Malnigan - our success
Murray is an ibis who lives at Lake Craigmuir, but when his nest is burnt in a fire, he finds himself on an adventure around the world. [From Trove]

Bunyips of Bunyip
So you think you know Bunyips? Read our book to find out more about them. [From Kids' Own Publishing website.]

A twist on motherhood
It’s true what they say: when you have kids your heart walks outside your body. Nothing can really prepare you for being a mum…but having support makes it easier. Our best advice is, ‘accept support!!!’ Here are some songs we sing with our kids and…

The D-Elephant-3 Express: Book of rhymes
What happens when you ask toddlers to come up with a number? The Koowee Minnows playgroup came up with The D-Elephant-3 Express, and lots of rhymes to sing and share. Stars and spiders and trains and rowers, teddy bears around the garden. Made by the…

Tadpoles' tales
Come and read about a day in the life of the Poorneet Tadpoles! [From the Kids' Own Publishing website.]

My favourite numbers: Big and small
This book was made by children and families who attended workshops at libraries in Pakenham and Emerald , Victoria. The children made pictures from felt, buttons and their own drawings. They ask, Do you think Zero’s the Hero? Is First the Worst?…

Cook 'n' book: Creating a place to be
Cook ‘n’ Book gives families a reason to spend a morning together at Venus Bay Community Centre, Victoria. We sit side-by-side as we slice, mix and fold, talking about or children, our lives or just about what we did on the weekend. Cook ‘n’ Book is…

Kids and me
The Children of the Bass Coast Koorie Playgroup and Kitchen (front cover) [From the Kids' Own Publishing website.]

Donkeys can't fly on planes : stories of survival from South Sudanese refugee children living in Australia
These stories are real, as seen through the eyes of the children. They are the thoughts, feelings experiences. The stories of the South Sudanese refugee children, living in Australia. [From Trove]

Wanagaga yalka: Children of the bush
This book was made by the Aboriginal students of Guthrie Street Primary School, Shepparton. They say, “this is a story about when we went to the bush. It is about what we learned about Aboriginal culture and what it’s like to be Aboriginal. It’s our…

Recipe for community
This book is full of recipes for making community. The recipes might surprise you – they have some unusual ingredients, like friends, voices, instruments, socks, leaves, trees and parachutes! [From the Kids' Own Publishing website]

Observations from children and young people reflecting on cultural diversity
It’s not different to them, it’s different to us. What is cultural diversity? What does your culture look like? What do cultures share? Young people at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne looked at their own cultural backgrounds and the…

The Royal Children's Hospital Aquarium
Do fish sleep? Do they have a sense of smell? How do they communicate? Dive into these pages and need the interesting inhabitants of the Royal Children’s Hospital Aquarium. [From the Kids' Own Publishing website.]

Debton power school zone
This was a collaborative project of the grade 5/6's at Debney Meadows and Calrton Primary School, inner Melbourne. Our experienced reporters have been out on the streets uncovering the latest news, our photographers are always on the scene to capture…

Colourful cultures: Let's celebrate together
This book was made by the students of Euston Public School, Robinvale P-12 and St Maru’s P-8 School. The great Murray River geographically separates the two towns where these students live, but they come together to make one community, and one…

Amy and Tiara's island adventure
Join Amy and her cat, Taiar on a magical island adventure. What choices would you make? Choose from two different endings to the story! [From the Kids' Own Publishing website.]
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